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.::Ireneus::. Empty .::Ireneus::.

Post by Logan Grey on Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:51 am

.::Ireneus::. 1401811yho44c9apr.::Ireneus::. ABIreneus.::Ireneus::. 1401811yho44c9apr

Welcome to Ireneus!
Good evening Ladies, and Gentlemen. Dudes and Dudettes. Children of all ages! I am pleased to welcome you to my graphics shop. Please make yourself at home, take a seat, and order something from the menu. I can assure you that Perfection and Satisfaction are both traits that our graphics have. High Quality images are also things that we serve. In this shop, we don't settle for good. We settle for great. =D[/b]

.::Ireneus::. ABRules
•Order what is on the menu, you cannot have anything that's not there.
•We have a waiting list. Please wait your turn.
•If the waiting list is full, then you have to wait till a slot is available for you to get on the waiting list.
•Please be friendly and mind your manners
•Comments and Opinions are very much appreciated.
•No insults, only constructive criticism
•If you don't like something, you can request for a change if there is an available spot on the waiting list. If there is none, then you can have it changed or redone later.
•I do make avvies/siggies/other things for other sites. =)
•I like gifts and art trades. =D
•I hold contests, feel free to join them.
•I love you all xP But please notify me if you're gonna use my graphics for another site. It bugs me when I see my work being used and I don't know who's using them.


Images to be Included:
Font style:
Anything Else?:

Username: <-This is your username
Type:<- What do you want? An avvie? A siggie? A banner?
Images to be Included: <-links or images to the images to be included
Font style: <-Doesn't have to be specific. Saying "something curly" will do. Can be left blank.
Effects: <-Special effects like, "Put in flowers" blah blah
Text: <- Text you want to be included
Size:<- Size in pixels.
Standard Avvie Size is: 150x200
Standard Siggie Size is: 500x150
Blah blah, leave this blank if you want.
Anything Else?: <- Anything you want that can't be added onto the above, just add here.
Site: Put the website that my work is for. Leave blank if it's for here. xD

• For now, I just accept requests like, icons [avatars], avatars, banners, signatures and wallpapers.

.::Ireneus::. ABAbout


...Its just mee...
...hates people steppin on my shoes (you'll be dead!)...
...loves my mum...
...Singing while hitting the shower...
...loves music...
...a true friend Very Happy...
...loves to dance...
...always want a car...
...a people person...
...shy at the first time we meet but as the time goes're in trouble Laughing hahaha...
...But most of the times...
...i prefer to sat and stay alone in peace!...
... I'm lost...
...Trapped in the nothingness...


Software Name: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended, Photobucket, Gimp 2
Computer: Main. WindowsXP, Dual Core
Sub. HP Laptop

I make all my own graphics. All the original pictures are copyright their original owners. Brushes, Fonts, Textures, Patterns are copyright their owners too. I don't steal any signs or anything from anyone. All the Welcome signs, profile signs, etc. are all my own creations/manipulations. [Except for my Introduction Banner, its is created by Kaira]

.::Ireneus::. ABAffiliates

Logan Grey
Logan Grey

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.::Ireneus::. Empty Re: .::Ireneus::.

Post by Logan Grey on Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:34 am


As of July 30, 2010

I would like to recommend you my works in the Graphics Gallery, the name is Ireneus Very Happy
Logan Grey
Logan Grey

Number of posts : 41

Registration date : 2010-04-23

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