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Jade LaVine

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Jade LaVine Empty Jade LaVine

Post by Jade LaVine on Thu Jun 03, 2010 10:29 pm

Name: Jade LaVine
Preference: Ravenclaw
Sample of your character's nature in 100-500 words

It was cold out, but Jade LaVine was oblivious due to the magically heated room in which she sat. She was alone and she liked it that way. She got her best work done when alone, late at night. Open on her lap sat a book. A musty old book on the histories of vampires.
Jade loved the past, the clothing the social changes, how personalities shaped events and occurrences. She liked to learn from the mistakes of others and history was the best way to do so. In doing so she’d become the listener and the owl amongst her friends. If anyone needed advice, Jade was the one to see.
She lived her life by the saying, The Past Does Not Equal the Future and believed that every day was a fresh start. Although she was quiet, her mind was always thinking, questioning, yearning for more knowledge. Everywhere she went she carried a history book, her sketch book and her Journal, for a mind constantly seeking knowledge needs somewhere to archive its unanswered questions and most secretive images.
Jade was smart, everyone knew it, but what most people didn’t know was that she was also creative. She didn’t just seek truth and information she interpreted it, viewed it from different angles and empathised with it. She played around with ideas and possible solutions to problems, but most of all she love to draw and charcoal was her favourite medium. The messiness of it was what had originally made her work late at night.
She ruffled her already messy black hair, as she turned the page of her book, exposing the small section of hair she had dyed electric blue and a tattoo of an owl on her inner wrist. Jade was smart, wise and creative, but most of all she was different. Jade wasn’t self conscious like most girls her age, she didn’t care what people thought of her.
‘The only person I have to be better than today, is the person I was yesterday’ she’d say when questioned about her radical ideas or experiments with fashion. One day she had even turned up to classes wearing a dog collar, but that is a whole other story…
Jade LaVine
Jade LaVine

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Jade LaVine Empty Re: Jade LaVine

Post by Athena on Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:45 pm

Due to the Sorting Hat having some very important mid-year exams I'll be stepping in. If you would like to request a special little verse or RP from the Sorting Hat please PM the Sorting Hat


If your character is still at school please reply with the year level.

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first, the daughter Athena, and later a son, the future King of Gods and men.

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