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Nathaniel Evens

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Nathaniel Evens Empty Nathaniel Evens

Post by Nathaniel Evens on Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:30 pm

Characters Name Nathaniel Evens

Student/Adult Adult
Reason When I originally thought up Nate’s plot he was going to be a seventh year but as his character developed I realised that his ‘main’ plot wouldn’t start until his first year out of Hogwarts. His plot lines up with Jaiden O’Finnegan’s and Sage Valdez’s plots, in their plots Nate is required to be out of Hogwarts.
Birthday 3rd May 1980
Blood Pureblood
Broom Cleansweep Eleven
Pet N/A
Celebrity Alex Pettyfer & Christian Cooke

House Preference: Slytherin (Alumni)
Sample of your character's nature in 100-500 words

Excerpt from a now, non-existent thread/plot with Jaiden O'Finnegan. Nate’s character/nature is the same however

"I wasn't expecting any interruptions, as most of the guest seem occupied out in the ballroom chit chatting and whatnot. I thought you would be amongst them, no?"

Nathaniel's crooked smile seemed to spread wider at Jaiden's slightly flustered appearance. Catching someone in the act wasn't something Nate generally did, he was more likely the one getting caught; though he had to say with far more taste than Jaiden's choice of partner.

"I found that I was in need of some solitude, chit chat isn't really my thing," he said raising his glass to his lips.

"I do hope you don't mind that I broke your innocent self with the image of my half nude body. Hope it doesn't lead you to distraction. Seeing as you'll never be able to have it."

"I can assure you I'm very well composed," he laughed, "your not my type and I wouldn't have you if you offered- which it seems you do with great willingness," Nate said looking disgustedly at the man standing behind her.

Regardless of Nate's noncommittal behaviour he stood a little more erect when the said man grabbed Jaiden's arm and gave it a good pull. He slowly sank back into his languid position when he saw she could handle herself. She was definitely not his type he thought to himself.

Nate tended to go for women who needed a strong man, someone to protect them and defend them, the whole shebang. You could easily compare him to an olden-day knight, with his values, morals and conscious. He was drawn out of these thoughts by Jaiden's voice.

"Now, where were we?"

"I believe we were discussing your inadequacy of being my lover," Nathaniel smirked as he walked casually towards Jaiden. Swallowing the last of his champagne Nathaniel threw the flute carelessly at Jaiden's feet and without even looking at it muttered a few words. Those few rough spoken words caused the champagne flute to burst into a thousand tiny sparkles that fluttered to the ground at Jaiden's feet without ruining Jaiden's dress.

"I believe I have more taste."

The End

It is clear that Nathaniel is a cool and calculated character, never rushing into a situation and always being prepared with a witty remark. This may lean him more towards becoming a Ravenclaw, yet his decidedly cool manner suggests his believe in his higher standing in regards to his blood and cunning rather than his brilliance (which he has in abundance- not to mention modesty Very Happy). Yet it's clear that whatever house he's placed in he will make the best of it.

Wand Preference: Hawthorn, 11", essence of dragon heartstring
Sample of your character's nature in 100-500 words

Wand twirling between his fingers Nathaniel strutted down platform 9 3/4. Eager to start the year on a good note Nathaniel intended to make a good impression on everyone. Strutting his fine figure down the platform was one way he was intending to do this. Assuring himself that he didn't look like a total cock Nathaniel gracefully jump-stepped onto the train. He had bid a friend of his goodbye a few minutes previously and had been vigorously scrubbing his face trying to get her red lipstick off. Unfortunately it had a 'lasting charm' on it. Nathaniel however did not know this.
Opening an empty carriage he settled himself into the seat, legs sprawled and arm leaning on the window. He did look irritable in his jeans and tee, he looked very much like a relaxed teenager who had, to put it crassly, just been laid. It wasn't far from the truth either, he'd had a little grope with a dirty blond just before entering the platform. He'd been tapped on the shoulder by a muggle who had promptly received the sharp end of Nathaniel's tongue. Twiddling his wand some more his thoughts drifted and so did his wand, a whole metre into the air. A young girl giggled at the carriage entrance. The wand at once fell from the air and hit Nate squarely on the head. "What the hell!" Nathaniel yelled making the little girl jump and scurry away. Rubbing his head he collected his wand, stared at it offensively and stowed it away safely in his back pocket.

You can only image what happened after a rather steamy dream, concerning a particular dirty blond.
Nathaniel Evens
Nathaniel Evens

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Nathaniel Evens Empty Re: Nathaniel Evens

Post by The Sorting Hat on Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:50 pm

Witches and wizards who could fit into any house can be hard to sort. In the end, it often comes down to their preference, the houses of their family members (where applicable), blood line (it’s no secret that “proud” purebloods often find themselves in Slytherin) and the Sorting Hat’s gut instinct. After all, the Sorting Hat’s never been wrong.

So when considering Nate’s house the Sorting Hat decided Slytherin because, even though it may seem logical to place him in Ravenclaw, the Sorting Hat felt Slytherin would be… more fun.
The Sorting Hat
The Sorting Hat

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