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Alistair Finn

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Alistair Finn Empty Alistair Finn

Post by Alistair Finn on Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:24 am

Characters Name Alistair Reginald Finn

Student/Adult Adult

Reason Private teacher to Owen Fawly

Birthday 11-11-53

Blood Unknown

Broom Silver Arrow--no longer produced, but he has maintained this broom since early adulthood and refuses to fly anything else

Pet Cat--"Will", named for the Whomping Willow

Celebrity Ian Mkellen from "The Seagull"

House Preference: Ravenclaw

Sample of your character's nature in 100-500 words
[same one used before]

"The one who makes it sells it away, The one who buys it refuses to use it, and The one who uses it does not see it. What is it?"

"Oh, clever, clever my old friend. Alas, I have heard this one before. The answer is a coffin of course, or else I am in my grave."

"Welcome back, Alistair." The portrait swung open to reveal the Ravenclaw common room. "You wish to enter?"

"Oh no indeed, old friend, I just came by to see if I still had the penchant for riddles that I used to. Carry on!"

Alistair walked away down the corridor, whistling, and spinning his cane, as a highly confused portrait swung back to meld with the wall. Behind him, enchanted suitcases bumped and crashed into various suits of armour, and enraged several paintings. Alistair was followed down two flights of stairs and up to a door by an elderly wizard in a nightgown screaming obscenities and brandishing a pineapple. Alistair chuckled.

"Alohamora. Oh dear, that will not do for a locking spell. Best think of something better. Come along Will!" The door clicked open, and Alistair strode into his chambers, a bottlebrush grey tabby trotting in after him.

Wand Preference: Holly, 13 1/3 inches, Thestral hair core, springy

Sample of your character's nature in 100-500 words
[used same as Seer application, bother to write brand new stuff each time xD]

"Isn’t it funny, Will?” Alistair murmured, his fingertips gently stroking the cat behind the ears. Will let out a short purr and blinked his eyes as if in agreement.

“It should be funny, but in this moment it seems more ironic than hilarious. After so long, after you and I had finally given in to the prospect of simply settling down--growing cabbages and shooing away gnomes and such—-here we are. Back in this castle, with its morbid halls and sallow-skinned students. This isn’t where I had expected to be after so long. I expected to be far away, with the cabbages and gnomes, and maybe Evelyn Chambers. Do you remember Evelyn, Will? No, of course you don’t.” Alistair’s scratching fingers paused and the cat let out a “merrow” of derision, kneading his claws into the wizard’s lapels.

“Ack! Indignant cat!” Alistair jolted up, spilling Will onto the floor in a heap of hissing blue-grey fur. “You deserved it.”

The cat stalked away to the corner, furiously licking his fur straight and grumbling obscenities in the polite way cats have perfected over a millennia. Alistair chuckled.

“But isn’t it funny? This dormitory, I remember it, remember its secrets, but I never thought I would be back. Of course, this isn’t our REAL home, Will. We have an office, and a room of our own. Fancy that. No, we’re only here until Owen comes back. Then we startle him sufficiently, tell him why we are here in his room, and then scamper off to find where they put our suitcases. Shouldn’t be long now, I suspect. I do miss the cottage though. September is always the best month for puffapods. And the pumpkins will be just starting to grow. Really a pity that—-“

The door creaked open and a tousle-haired boy walked in, his robes new and clean and ready for a new year. He stopped short at the sight of the doctor.

“Why hello there!” Alistair grinned, standing to shake the boys hand. “You must be Owen Fawly. I am Dr Alistair Reginald Finn, Order of Merlin, Second Class. I am to teach you the art of Seeing—-as from what I have been told, you are not particularly proficient at the subject, though you contain immense potential.”

How…how did you get into my room?

“You tell me.” Alistair’s eyes twinkled, a smile twitching at the edges of his mouth.
Alistair Finn
Alistair Finn

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Alistair Finn Empty Re: Alistair Finn

Post by The Sorting Hat on Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:26 am

Thanks for reapplying. And sorry for this less than creative response.
Ravenclaw!! (still Smile )
The Sorting Hat
The Sorting Hat

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