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Summer Garden Party

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Re: Summer Garden Party

Post by Signe Cortez on Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:53 am

In those moments as Signe traced Nathaniel’s beautiful skin, under the gorgeous afternoon sun and secluded away from a garden party, she knew that it would be an afternoon she never forgot. This .. guy .. man .. unexplainable sex god standing before her was someone she never wanted to forget. How could she? It felt like eternity when they stared at each other, with the light reflecting off each other and bringing out the colour in his eyes. Not one single thought of her best friend or Seth or the world outside entered into her mind. All she could think about was how beautiful Nathaniel was and it felt like nothing else mattered.

As far as first-kisses though with new people, Signe would have to say Nate would have to rate as one of the best. He was rough and she loved it. Gone was the gentle, sweet moment from before and in its place was the ever consuming passion she had felt countless of times over the last however long minutes. She felt him pull her hair and her waist closer and her body reacted like a magnet and he was the target. Wrapping her arms through his hair and yanking him face closer she fought to gain the upper hand in their kisses and revelled in the feeling of him entering her mouth without permission.

He knew what he wanted and she wasn’t about to stop him from getting it.

Signe felt like she wasn’t close enough to him, but suddenly they fell to the floor and she was on top of him. She was going crazy with his hands raking all over her body. As he pulled her closer, she moaned as she felt his hardness press into her most sensitive part of her body. “Oh fuck,” she groaned out loud, “That feels good.” She was grateful when he went for her neck because she was starting to feel lightheaded from the lack of breaths she seemed to be getting, but found his mouth was only exacerbating the situation. He was too good.

Whilst on top of him, with him appreciating her neck, Signe ripped open the rest of his shirt and took it off before raking her hands all over his bare chest. She loved the feeling of his hard muscle under her soft hands. The trickle of hair at the base of his stomach made her flush and she wanted to go further but all of a sudden he flipped her over gently and then she was at his mercy. Her chest was heaving and she was having a hard time thinking let alone realising that his direction towards her shorts were to win an earlier challenge and a latter challenge. Her mind was only trying to not explode from all the sensations Nate was bringing out of her. As he kissed her skin down lower, Signe’s hands grabbed the grass on either side of her body, feeling like she was about to die from the sensations.

But all of a sudden she felt something disappear and realised he took her panties. Blinking, she glared down at him and as he came up to kiss her, she yanked his hair back hard and raised an eyebrow at him, smirking. “That, little boy, was cheating. But alas, now you have them, I should warn you,” Si pulled his head closer to her, “they’re all wet.” And with that she pushed him over and onto the ground so she was on top again. She raked one finger down his now bare chest and then leaned down to him so that her hair was covering the sides of their heads, making a curtain so it felt like it was just the two of them lying on the ground. “And for that, Natey dearest,” Si whispered evilly, as she rubbed herself up and down on top of him, “I’m taking your shirt and swapping it for my corset. And if you don’t like it, then you shouldn’t have been a naughty boy and stolen my underwear,” she continued. As she was speaking, she placed kisses in between words until her mouth was at his collarbone. Her eyes flicked up to his and they glinted with a hint of possessiveness. She smirked up at him before biting down and sucking hard.

If he could claim her, there was no way she was letting him out without a little stake of her own. When she was done with her handy work, she went back up to his lips and bit on his bottom lip, pulling it out between her lips before letting go and standing up. “As hot and exciting as it would have been to ravish you completely on the ground, I think we best wait when there is less chance of being walked upon. I really do hate to be interrupted in the middle of good sex,” Si pouted down at Nathaniel.

As true as that was, Si also had to get away from him before she completely burst. Her legs were wobbly and her hands were shaking lightly and her breath was uneven, but Signe had never felt so great in her life – if one was willing to forget how frustrated she was too. With one hand, she bent down and picked up Nate’s shirt and true to her word she was going to swap shirts. Whipping out her wand from the folds of her boots, Si looked down at Nate and wondered if it would be too evil to change in front of him or nicer to turn her back so he couldn’t see anything.

Turns out, the evil side won and Si stood over Nathaniel’s form before shakily saying the spell to undo the strings from her corset. “Nathaniel, I want you to sit there and not touch. Otherwise the show’s over in an instant,” she said, more for her own sanity than anything else; although a voice at the back of her mind did tell her she didn’t have to do it, Signe ignored it because she wanted to tease Nathaniel some more. Slowly, she pulled the corset down and felt the cool air float over her skin and she sighed in contentment. Looking down straight into Nate’s eyes she dropped the white top into his lap before pulling his shirt over her form. It smelt of him and Si couldn’t resist smelling it deeply. She could get used to wearing this all day, she found. She decided to tie the bottom together so it formed a tight knot under her breast, and proceeded to button up the rest of the buttons to cover enough cleavage.

Her breathing grew heavier as she saw his reaction to her little strip and dress and Signe took a few steps away in case he was thinking of ravishing her again. “And now that’s done, is the snake going to come out and chase his prey for being so evil to him?” Signe asked in a throaty voice.
Signe Cortez

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Re: Summer Garden Party

Post by Nathaniel Evens on Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:10 pm

The sensations she was arousing were almost too much for Nate to bear. He wasn’t used to being so out of control, and somewhere in the back of his mind there was a little voice telling him that this was dangerous and unmarked territory. As she ripped open his shirt and took it from him he faintly realised that the shirt might just win her the second challenge. His eyes glazed over as he watched her blush, the direction of her very pretty eyes was down and he couldn’t help but smirk; he was proud of his body and the reactions it too illicit from women and he was mightily impressed with hers likewise.

He flipped her over and divested her of her risque red panties. “That, little boy, was cheating. But alas, now you have them, I should warn you... they’re all wet.” Nate grinned mischievously, he’d magic’ed them into his back pocket and would be sure to present them to Seth intact.

Suddenly he was on his back with the firm and pleasant weight of Signe above him. His chest raised itself high as she raked one finger down his chest, it was as if he couldn’t get enough of her fingers touching him. He moaned helplessly as she leaned down whispered evilly. “And for that, Natey dearest. I’m taking your shirt and swapping it for my corset. And if you don’t like it, then you shouldn’t have been a naughty boy and stolen my underwear,” Nate had his eyes closed in bliss as he reveled in the movement of her body on his and the kisses she was peppering him with. It was torturous to say the least and he was getting harder by the minute. He barely had time to register what she was saying before she’d bit down hard on his collarbone. Nate’s back arched as he let out a loud groan at her possessiveness. Now they really were spiraling down into dangerous territory but in that moment Nate didn’t give a fuck.

Her provocative kiss released yet another groan from him and he crushed her arse forcefully into him before she let him go and stood up. “As hot and exciting as it would have been to ravish you completely on the ground, I think we best wait when there is less chance of being walked upon. I really do hate to be interrupted in the middle of good sex,” Nate was lying on the ground, one arm draped over his face and the other laying directly out from his shoulder. He was still hard and it was intolerably painful but the type of pain he lived for. He ruffled at the adjective ‘good’. “That wasn’t good honey,” he said huskily, “it’s only the beginning,” he then laid out both his arms enjoying the cool breeze that brushed against his body.

Nate turned his face towards Signe expecting to see her retreating back instead he saw he wand raised. “Nathaniel, I want you to sit there and not touch. Otherwise the show’s over in an instant,” Nate instantly raised himself up on his elbows and gave Signe a hooded look. She looked positively sex worthy in her corset and short shorts. He watched as the magic slowly undid her corset, again he felt that it should have been him undoing her but he held on to the very satisfying thought that he would be undressing her one day very soon. Signe sighed in contentment and Nate lifted himself higher intent on seeing and hearing every response. She dropped her white top into his lap and all he could do was stare; if he hadn’t been Nathaniel Evens he might have gawked but as it is he was far more smolderingly hot so he just stared intently, conveying every sexual desire he possible could into his gaze. Her form was quite perfect and he knew that they would mesh well together when the time came; they still hadn’t felt each others skin on skin yet immense pleasure had been shared, he could only wonder at what it would be like for real.

As Signe pulled his shirt over her willowy body his eyes quivered at the desire coursing through him as he watched her breath in deeply of his scent. She was clearly as immodest as he was and he was enjoying her lively and perky personality. The alcohol that had been consumed earlier that evening still hadn’t worn off and he was feeling freer than he had in a long time.

“And now that’s done, is the snake going to come out and chase his prey for being so evil to him?” Signe asked in a throaty voice. Nate slowly raised himself from the ground and picked up Signe’s corset. He stood before her for a few more seconds just staring at her beautiful figure.

“I like you wearing my shirt,” he said ignoring her questions; instead his voice held the promise that, yes, the snake was going to come out and chase his prey. With this very seductive and erotic little tete-a-tete behind them it would be very interesting to see what would come next.

After a few more seconds he walked to the edge of the grove and peeked out from behind an enormous tree. Mrs. Hald was nowhere to be seen and neither was Jaiden or Seth. The guests were still milling around happily and very oblivious as to what had happened in Nate and Signe’s section of the garden. Nate could clearly see the sand-timer on one of the tables not far from where Nate and Signe were hiding. “We haven’t got too much time left it we’re going to get to the lake in time for the next part of the challenge,” he said to Signe.

Turning away from the garden party Nate suddenly had an idea. “I don’t think we should make our intimacy known to our general acquaintance at this time,” Nate began, his voice growing darker at the word ‘intimacy’. He looked at Signe with dark eyes before continuing, “I think it will be far more entertaining to continue this in... secret,” he said, a glint of mischief evident in his mind. He hoped he hadn’t offended Signe and that she had gathered his meaning. Secret meetings behind closed doors with the danger of being discovered, at least for the time being, was very appealing to Nate.

“What do you think?” he asked as he gathered her in his arms, kissing her shoulder softly.
Nathaniel Evens

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Re: Summer Garden Party

Post by Signe Cortez on Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:59 pm

Signe’s eyes glazed over a bit when she heard Nate moan helplessly. Oh god, she was having the time of her life and felt like she was falling down and down the more she touched him and he her. As she bit down on his shoulder, it was all she could do from ripping her clothes off and his as she felt his hardness push into her. Fuck, she could live with making him hers if this was his reaction every time. She moaned through her teeth and felt like this was heaps better than all the sex she’d ever had put together.

Underneath all the fire, Signe could feel herself falling into dangerous waters with him but couldn’t do anything about it. This connection she’d felt with Nate from the moment she introduced herself to him was one of the strongest she’d ever felt and she wondered what the hell it meant. But now wasn’t the time to work it out.

As she stood up, Signe could feel the loss of his warm body and almost whimpered out loud at how cold she felt without him touching her. Her shaking hand raked through her ears and as he replied to her, she almost died when he said that was only the beginning. “Fuck me,” Signe said softly so that Nate couldn’t hear. If that was the beginning, she couldn’t even begin to imagine how the middle would be like. She turned away and put another hand through her messy sex locks. She could only imagine what she looked like but found, oddly that she didn’t care.

The look he aimed at her when she was undressing in front of him made her short of breath. Her heart was pumping loudly against her chest and she shivered ever so slightly at his smouldering look. His gaze was so powerful and so full of sex she felt a shudder of pleasure come over her. So, she put off putting his shirt on and stood there for a few moments, revelling in the look he was giving her body. If his looks could do this to her and his touch could drive her wild, she wondered what it would feel like when they joined bodies.

As she finished up, Signe watched as Nate slowly raised himself up from the ground and eyed all the muscles rippling in the sunlight. He was, to say it bluntly, fucking gorgeous and she was one lucky girl who was going to ravish him and be ravished by him later. She just knew it. This game they started was going to drive them so insane that she wondered if anyone else could ever make her feel the same way.

When Nate answered, Si could detect the promise of him coming out to play later and she shivered in anticipation. Si nodded and spoke in a still throaty voice. “I like wearing your shirt too.” It smelt like him and although it was slightly too big, she found it really framed her well.

Signe started stretching out her arms to try and squash the aching desire in her and she watched Nate walk to the end of the grove. When he said they hadn’t got much time left she blinked in surprise. Had she really been with Nate for that long? And then she remembered what she said to Jai and groaned. “Oh shit, Jaiden’s going to kill me. I told her I’d be back in ten minutes, but I didn’t anticipate my plan in sabotaging you from kissing Mrs. Hald would lead to something larger.” She ran a hand through her hair and sighed. There would be no hiding this from Jaiden now unless the girl herself was being distracted by Seth. Oddly, the thought didn’t make her as ill as it did before her little encounter with Nate.

Although there was nothing little about it.

She peaked around Nate to find that Seth and Jaiden were nowhere to be found and Si hoped she at least kissed one of the servants because Si knew damn well she wasn’t going to taint her lips with another person’s mouth so soon after her kisses with Nathaniel. There was no way she could win the challenges now for Jaiden, but really she didn’t care much anymore.

When she turned back, Nate started talking to her. Looking up at him she slowly nodded towards the idea of keeping it secret. She always loved the idea of getting caught even if there was nothing wrong with it. Her only problem was keeping it a secret from Jaiden but Signe thought she could keep it quiet for long enough by peppering questions about Seth to distract her.

When he gathered her up in his arms and started kissing her shoulder, she naturally wrapped her arms around his neck and leant up against him. “As hard as it might be to keep it from Jaiden, especially since I am wearing your shirt with no bra and my face and hair probably looks like I’ve just had the best sex of my life, I’m sure there will be some excruciating pleasure in not touching you intimately in public.”

Signe saw the growing hickey on Nate’s collarbone and brought a hand down to trace it. She could feel the slight pain of hers on her neck, but found she loved it. It reminded her of their little encounter they just had.

“But don’t expect me to be nice to you. I’ll find some way to drive you crazy and leaving you no choice but to deal with it in public.” She smirked darkly up at him and pushed a lock of his hair away from his eyes. “After all, I never said I was a nice girl.”
Signe Cortez

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Re: Summer Garden Party

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