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Professor of Charms

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Professor of Charms

Post by Scarlet Brice on Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:54 pm

Character's name Scarlet Brice
Date of Registration 2010-01-15
Job/Position Hogwarts Professor of Charms
100-300 word post regarding your job/position

Scarlet smoothed her skirt down her thighs as she nervously looked at the moving stair case before her. Squaring her shoulders she took a tentative step forward. It was her first day as the new Professor of Charms at Hogwarts. She'd always imagined the day she would finally be able to teach. The idea of shaping and teaching a young mind always gave her a dangerous thrill.

Frowning her delicate eyebrows she tried to dispel the feeling by thinking of something else. I should be at the charms classroom soon- third level, to the left, here we are.

Steps light and heart slightly heavier than before Scarlet entered the classroom. It was deserted, empty, void of any young minds in need of moulding.
Scarlet moved quickly to the ornate desk and the large blackboard at the front of the classroom. Each seat and desk she passed was immaculately clean and precisely lined up.

Placing her loose books and paper on her desk Scarlet pulled out her wand and began to hover it over one of the loose papers, muttering something under her breath. She then directed her wand to the board muttered something complicated and stepped back to watch as pale lemon coloured scrawl slowly appeared on the backboard. Illustrations soon sprung to life as she stared critically at her work.

Glancing back at the sheet on the desk she compared them. A small smile spread over her face as she realised her spell had been perfect. Granted her handwriting was a little scrawly and hard to decipher but the execution of her spell was flawless and was an exact replacer of her hand written paper.

Her first lesson was going to be just as perfect. She could tell.
Scarlet Brice
Scarlet Brice

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Re: Professor of Charms

Post by Athena on Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:35 am

Due to Kali our Applications and Registrations moderator being away at the moment I will be filling her place for a couple of days.

Your application has been accepted. This position is one that will require regular posting in the Hogwarts threads and will also require you to create short lessons for your students. You will be holding classes for first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh years.

Posting classes won't start for a couple of months yet so take this time to develop your character and maybe sketch up some classes.

Threads must be clearly marked as follows:

Subject: FIRST YEARS Charms Class #1

Subject: THIRD YEARS Charms Class#5

Please PM any of the moderators or myself if you have any problems. Watch the announcement board for more information on when to start classes.

Good luck! And have fun!


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