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Owen Fawly

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Owen Fawly Empty Owen Fawly

Post by Owen Fawly on Sun May 23, 2010 5:30 pm

Character's Name:Owen Fawly
Preference:13 1/2 Yew, essence of phoenix feather

Owen Approached the old store as he pushed the old wooden door open. A loud audible creak was masked by the chime of the store bell. As he walked in to the dimly lit store, his clear blue eyes basked upon the walls and walls of various boxes that contained a wand unique within itself. As he moved towards the front desk he motioned to ring the service bell when a hand rested on his shoulder. Tensing up Owen slid away slowly from the hand, turning to get a good look at his attacker? His blonde hair in his eyes he pushed it to the side as he blue eyes focused on the short man in front of him. this man hand curly wild grey hair, alongside traditional formal robes, suited with a vest and pants.

Well Hello there lad, buying your first wand?

Owen froze as he could not keep his eyes off the shorter man before him, his nerves getting to his whole body. He desperately longed for a book, to immerse himself in the world of beetle and bard, instead of this awkward conversation.

Uhh well I uh…

Speak up Boy! (why are they always so quiet) Come here, try out this one then?
Owen felt his body come back to him again as he stumbled on his feet moving himself slowly towards the counter. He watched content as he leaned owen the stained wood counter as Olivander ran up the ladder to fetch a short blue box. Opening it up he was face to face with a green wand, short and stout.
Olivander put the wand in the boys nervous shaking hands. Owen stared at it, waiting for something amazing to happen, waiting, waiting but nothing came.

Well give it a swish boy, it won’t do it by itself!

Owen concentrated really hard as he waved the wand sporadically in the air. Large sparks flew out zapping olivanders hair a bright pink. Owen laughed hysterically as he watched the clueless man run back to find another wand.

You stay put I think I got one in the back just for you.

Owen shook his head; no words possibly could come out of his mouth from all the laughter. when he bumped the wall accidently, the wall of wands wobbled, swaying back and forth. Owens pupils went small as he looked up mouth agape at the monster he had created. Cowering behind his hands he waited for his immanent doom. A blue box delicately hit him atop the head, landing on the counter in front of him. Coming back from the back room olivanders eyes wavered curiously on the blue box between them.

Yew hmm…. I’m not sure if yew is for yew! Ahahaha
Owen folded his arms back behind his back awkwardly trying to look away, he hated to be in awkward conversations, especially with people he didn’t even know.
A scowl replaced olivanders smile grumbling about humour as he gave the boy the wand. The wand felt soft, and warm in Owens hand; it felt as though a piece of him was with him again, one he didn’t even know he lacked. Giving it a quick wave he cut through the air elegantly as beautiful fireworks erupted in all shapes and colours around them tickling them with a warm glow.
A smile spread on olivanders face as he watched the boy be dumfounded at the wands magnificence.

13 ½ yew, phoenix feather, seems just right for you! Congrats son. That’ll be 10 galleons

Owen Smiled as he as he trailed his new wand with his finger, reaching into his pocket for money with his other hand. Pulling out 10 galleons he placed it on the counter, bidding his goodbyes excitedly as he placed the wand back in the box and ran out the door. His blond hair ruffling in his face as he ran to go show Gloria and Marvin his new companion in his studies.
Owen Fawly
Owen Fawly

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