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An Unexpected Attack

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An Unexpected Attack Empty An Unexpected Attack

Post by Signe Cortez on Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:53 am

It had been a while now since Signe arrived back with Damien in tow. Ever since the shock of finding out that Nate had been waiting for her for three hours, she hadn't heard nor seen an inch of and from him. In many ways, she was glad as she could move on with Damien; but in all the other ways, it felt so wrong to be with Damien whilst still wanting to be with Nate.

Of course, Damien knew how she felt but he comforted her and told her he didn't care how long she would take - he would still be there when she was finally over Nate. A small smile tugged at her lips as she ventured down Diagon Alley to do some shopping. Despite the complications, Damien was like a shining light in her life. After the wild and crazy few weeks with Nate who was almost the opposite in many ways - dark and brooding - things were peaceful and happy with Damien. He was the perfect gentleman for anybody. Anybody, Si felt, but her.

She wanted happy and calm, of course, but it just felt that she had changed a bit, grown a little darker whilst with Nate. She had learned that for once her sexiness could be used as a way to capture attention but also be used as a way to torture and manipulate people. Nate had taught her how to love her body, which whilst she was always okay with, sometimes felt dramatically disgusted by it.

And despite her initial crush for Seth, a crush she had carried around with her for so long, Nate made her forget him for a few weeks. Now, when she thought about the Slytherin Playboy, she felt the crush had ebbed away until she had felt nothing. Maybe it helped too that she had been constantly busy and hadn't seen him too, but Si mostly felt it was thanks to the two men she had had in her life for the past few months.

Sighing at the complications all these men caused, Si continued walking down deep in thought and not concentrating on where she was going. Her head and heart were in a crazy mess and it was going to take a long time to work out how to deal with what she was feeling.

Before she could continue, Si felt a chill down her neck and stopped in her tracks. Looking around, she noticed she was near Knockturn Alley and she felt her heart beat just a little faster. Shit, she thought, as she looked around and saw that there weren't nearly enough people around for her to be safe. Even though Voldemort had been gone for a while now, it still didn't mean she was safe in dark areas like these. Sometimes, it was okay if it was a busy day but as today was not, Si turned around on her heels but found that her way was blocked by an older man holding his wand out at her.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, Si thought on repeat and realised she wouldn't be quick enough to get her wand out in time to defend her. Maybe is she distracted him after finding out what he wanted, then she'd be able to knock his wand out and get hers.

The man in front of her looked seedy and dangerous and Si only stared at him mutely, feeling adrenaline starting to pump through her veins all t he whilst her flight instinct was telling her to get the hell out of there.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here," said the man in a slimy voice. Si, despite the fear coursing through her, gave him a look of disgust. "Seems like I've finally managed to get our target's love alone." Si felt confusion hit her - was he talking about Damien? He was after all, a lord even if it didn't mean much anymore - but it meant enough for someone to want money from him. "What do you say we talk a stroll down that alleyway?" The man said, directing his wand to the alleyway.

Si, being the Ravenclaw she was, worked out that she would have a better chance of someone seeing her out here than in the alley way, so instead of doing what he asked, she plastered on a fake, sweet smile and took a few slow steps towards him. The man took a few steps back and watched her warily. In the sweetest voice she could muster, she said "How about you take the stroll and let me stay here." The man laughed as if she was stupid, but as he did, Si struck his hand hard enough for his wand to fly out of his hand and decided that she could start running whilst getting her wand out.

But before she got very far, she felt some hands wrap around her waist and she screamed. It seemed the man was faster than she realised and before she could shout for help again, he shoved a slimy hand over her mouth whilst dragging her towards the alley way. She went with him, kicking and screaming even though it was muffled, whilst trying to bite his hand all at the same time. But she felt it was futile as he was so much stronger than her. She knew she couldn’t reach her wand without him stopping her and for the first time since it all started, she felt truly afraid of what the man wanted.

In her outfit she knew that it would be hard for her to run far, as her heels were too unstable so her fear grew tenfolds as she realised that she was helpless with a man who looked like he was going to do so much more than just hit her.

“YOU BITCH,” the guy shouted at her when she finally managed to get a proper bite on his hand. But Si knew it was the wrong thing to do when she felt herself being shoved face first into the ground. Somehow, he had gotten his wand back too and she felt it being shoved into her face, as if she needed reminding that he had the power here to kill.

After hearing him mutter a binding spell and then feeling ropes tighten over her hands crossed behind her back, Si tried to stay calm but it wasn’t working. She was shaking and she could feel tears falling down her face without her permission.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll pay for that soon enough, little one. I can certainly see why my master wants you messed up a lot. You certainly are a beauty and I’m sure you’ll do quite nicely as the message. After all, when I’m through with you, I have no doubt your love will be mightily upset.”

Si tried to speak but found he put another spell on her and all that came out was silence. A silent sob rocked her body and she shut her eyes when he turned her over. She felt a slap across her face and then another and another until she was certain she had a broken nose, a bleeding lip and multiple cuts across it. If she could make any noise, she was sure that the slimy guy would be deaf by now. The pain was like nothing she ever felt before.

With horror, she realised the guy was moving his hand down onto her dress and with a few tugs, he ripped it open. With a lustful grin, he straddled her and she could feel bile rise up in her throat as she felt his hard on through the thin scraps of material that was her lingerie. He was enjoying this and she realised she was helpless to stop him from violating her.

She felt his hands roam his body, and prayed to Merlin that someone would stop him before he touched her any further. By then, she was almost passed out from the pain, loss of blood and the sickness coursing through her body at what he was doing.
Signe Cortez
Signe Cortez

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An Unexpected Attack Empty Re: An Unexpected Attack

Post by Nathaniel Evens on Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:13 am

Walking through Diagon Alley Nate’s mind traveled back to the night Signe had arrived back in London. He remembered standing for three hours hoping that she might have caught an earlier portkey or something! He’d kept to the shadows not wanting to be noticed a few of the portkey officers had seen him but he wasn’t concerned with them. Nate was only concerned with seeing Signe again after so many weeks.

Theodore’s business had been pressing and important just as he had intimated; it was Nate’s first assignment, he was to be given the position of Junior Undersecretary to the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. It was a momentous task and a very serious role, he had been preparing since his sixteenth birthday. Training had to take place and people needed to be met and coddled, Nate had had the busiest few weeks of his life and hadn’t been able to catch up with Signe on their holiday.

Nate frowned, he was irritated by how much that effected him. He should be colder, more calculating, less lovey-dovey. Raking a hand roughly through his hair he then took out a cigarette and lit it. Savoring the sensual feeling of smoke lapping at his lungs he relished the idea that with the modern spells that wizards were coming up with, his habit was quite safe. Taking another drag he took a quick turn into Knockturn Alley.

OOC to be continued in Knockturn Alley.
Nathaniel Evens
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