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Astoria Greengrass

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Astoria Greengrass Empty Astoria Greengrass

Post by Astoria Greengrass on Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:03 pm

Characters Name Astoria Greengrass

Student/Adult Student. According to canon she would be in her 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Reason Canon status has been approved.
Birthday 1st June, 1982
Blood Pureblood
Broom Twigger 90, she doesn't usually fly.
Pet Abyssinian Cat, named Fi.
Celebrity Anna Paquin/Miranda Kerr

House Preference: Slytherin, 6th Year
Sample of your character's nature in 100-500 words

Regardless of her sister Daphne Greengrass being in Slytherin's house Astoria has her own reasons for being there. Although she is not cunning or possessive of strong leadership skills she is ambitious and resourceful. She will aim high and do, almost everything to reach her aim although she is less determined and aggressive than most Slytherins. When she wants to be she can be the most convincing lier but this trait is generally only used if she is in serious trouble or in danger. Astoria is also adept at incantations, especially if they involve transfiguration. She hates to fly and refuses to fly anything faster than a Twigger 90, your more likely to find her in the common room chatting with friends or in the library looking up books on transfiguration.

Wand Preference: Ash 12" Unicorn hair
Sample of your character's nature in 100-500 words

Wands are such fanciful creatures Astoria thought as she opened the door to Ollivander's, it jangled slightly before lying still. Not very busy today then.

"Hello? Excuse me," Astoria raised her voice slightly, not wishing to disturb Mr. Ollivander if he was busy. She wasn't even sure if he would be able to serve her, it was that late in the day. She had left, in her opinion, the most exciting buy of the day till last. Her mother and sister had left her to do her wand shopping alone knowing how important it was to Astoria.

"Hello?" she said once more before a friendly, old gentleman appeared, Astoria smiled brilliantly. "Hello, I'm-" she began.

"I know who you are little one," Ollivander chuckled, "your a Greengrass if ever I saw one," he smiled, "you look just like your mother," he added.

"I'm here for my wand," Astoria said confidently.

"Yes, yes, now... let me see," Ollivander disappeared for a few minutes before coming back with an arm full of long, thin blue boxes. Some of them were shockingly dusty and old looking. Astoria wasn't very keen on the dust but she was thrilled at such old wands and was even more excited that one of them could possibly be her wand!

Reaching eagerly towards one of the wands she gently took it from Ollivander's hands.

"Thank-you," she blushed afraid that she was getting a little ahead of herself. Closing her eyes she envisioned her mother swishing her wand around the house, creating the magic that Astoria loved and was determined to perfect. Opening her eyes again she gave the wand a flick.

A small pane on the glass door smashed.

"Oh my goodness!" Astoria cried, "I'm very, very sorry! Oh dear, I suppose that's not my wand," she said, so nervous that she started to laugh a little.

"Never mind, never mind, I've had much worse- now, this one should do the trick, give it a little flick, yes that's right."

As soon as Astoria had given the wand a flick, beautiful swirls trailed after the wand.

"It's like drawing in the hair with a rainbow!" Astoria said gleefully. At eleven years old Astoria had never really tried real magic and she was positively awed by what she was creating. She twirled around a little, enveloping herself in the swirls.

"It's wonderful, have you ever seen anything like it?" Astoria ask Mr. Ollivander.

"No, not quite like this," the old man mused, "I'm sure I've never seen a student so happy before. That I'm certain about," Ollivander chuckled again and started for the counter.

Astoria gladly parted with her galleons in exchange for the wand before skipping out the door, wand safely cosseted in her winter jacket.
Astoria Greengrass
Astoria Greengrass

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